WeatherLabs and WeatherElement Data Hubs are easy to set up. No complicated configuration required!

WeatherElement Data Hubs are for locations with a full-time Internet connection (DSL, Cable modem, rural wireless Internet, cellular router or even satellite Internet) and, generally, AC power. They connect via a serial cable to your Davis Instruments Vantage Pro 2, or Pro 2 Plus, or Vantage Vue console.

WeatherLabs are for off-grid, no-Internet locations. Weather station and cellular Internet modem in one, and totally solar powered, WeatherLab works anywhere there is GSM cell phone coverage.


Each WeatherElement Data Hub or WeatherLab requires a WeatherElement Service Plan. Plans vary based on data upload frequency, extra Davis wireless sensors or stations, and any cellular data needed.

Depending on your requirements and budget, we can configure any Data Hub or WeatherLab to send weather updates to your page as often as once a minute, or as little as once an hour.

Every Service Plan includes archiving of your station's data on our server for future use and an eight-page web site complete with 24-hour graphs, daily highs and lows, monthly NOAA-style reports, battery notifications for station and consoles, data upload checking, and, in the US, location-specific forecasts drawn from the National Weather Service's Point Forecast database.

In addition, if you have a wireless Vantage Pro 2 or Pro 2 Plus station which includes Extra Wireless Temperature, Temperature/Humidity, or Soil Moisture/Leaf Wetness/Temperature stations, your Data Hub can be set to retrieve that information from the console, and you can add them to your WeatherElement page.