Frequently Asked Questions


Why am I getting a warning that says "Data is over one hour old!"?

If your unit loses its internet connection temporarily, it will store a backlog of updates that it will send over time when the connection is reestablished. If a unit's last reported timestamp is more than an hour behind the current time, we show a warning on the unit's summary page next to the timestamp. If the unit is updating properly and this warning still appears, check that the unit's clock is set correctly and that the right timezone is selected in your unit's settings on WeatherElement.

How do you know if data is current or not?

When a unit reports its timestamp along with a set of sensor readings, we check the reported time against the time on our servers. If the difference in times is more than two minutes in either direction, we report this on the unit's Indoors & Stats page. If the data is old, it could mean the clock is set wrong, the unit is set to the wrong timezone on WeatherElement, or that the unit is having issues connecting to the internet. If the data is from the future, the clock or the timezone is probably set incorrectly.